Performance & Reliability

Established in 1997, Control Technology Inc. is a manufacturer and service provider of Surface Mounted Well Control Equipment to the global market, which includes;

  • BOP Sales, Service & Recertification
  • BOP/HCR Accumulator Control Systems Manufacturing, Sales, Service, & Recertification
  • Valve & Choke/Kill Manifold Sales, Service & Recertification
  • In-house Automation Design and Production of Control Panels

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Here at Control Technology we value quality, and we know our customers do as well; that’s why at Control Technology we go above and beyond to offer customizable products produced from high quality parts and respectable brands.


Control Technology Inc. is an authorized sales & service provider for HBRS, Horn Equipment and Control Flow BOP’s. Additionally, with our expertise, Control Technology Inc has the capabilities to service, repair and remanufacture all makes and sizes of surface mounted BOP’s.Learn More »

BOP & HCR Control Systems

Control Technology Inc. is API 16D licensed facility for the manufacture of “Control Systems for Surface Mounted BOP Stacks” and historically has manufactured over 1100 BOP/HPU/HCR Control Systems presently operating in; North & South America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.Learn More »


Control Technology Inc. provides sales, service, repair, testing and remanufacture of gate, ball and choke valves and is an authorized sales and service provider for Control Flow and Valveworks USA products.Learn More »

Automation & Controls

Control Technology’s in-house automation team designs, programs and installs the system allowing flexibility to build the system to the customers’ specific requirements which can include incorporating the system into the rig manufacturers design.Learn More »


Control Technology Inc. partners with customers and rig builders on projects for complete pressure control packages as well as engineering the packages to fit within the overall drill rig design. As well, Control Technology Inc. also specializes in collaborating with clients on custom projects specifically suited for applications that may not be on the market today.